Ritual magick courses from a Pagan perspective. 

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Learn how to write standard rituals, but using Enochian names and words instead of the usual Hebrew names we are used to.  Topics include:

  • Basic Enochian ritual version of the Goetia / Lemegeton workings
  • Enochian names used for the pentagram, hexagram, septagram, watchtower and other standard rituals.
  • How to figure out how to write any ritual using the Enochian names and calls.
  • How to decide which Enochian entities to work with.
  • Preliminary work with the EE's and the Enochian system to set everything up

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In this course we will cover how to write and create your own rituals based on your own belief system, as well as things which actually work.  The topics covered include:

  • Basic circle casting
  • Banishing (or not?)
  • Protections
  • Creating sacred space
  • Honouring rituals
  • Creating tools and impliments
  • Group workings
  • Elemental workings
  • Planetary workings
  • Deity workings

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Have you moved past the various Ceremonial Magick rituals?  The LBRP, BRH, Star Ruby, and so forth gotten a little less exciting for you?  This course outlines how to re-write them with your own ideas, or perhaps using some of mine. 

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