Various courses in this category include information on:

  • How to create your own spells and rituals.
  • Candle magick
  • How to use various spell powders and oils.
  • Astrological timing.
  • Which entities to work with. 
  • Which herbs to use for what.
  • Which stones to use for what.  
  • Planetary hours.
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This course outlines how to work magic on as well as for others.  This can be anything from client work done to help people, magic for your friends and family, or even magic to influence other people.

Covered will be herbal magic, talisman magic, and most especially candle magick.  I will also cover how to work with spirits for or on other people.  We will also go over link objects, how to make sure the spell goes to the other person instead of yourself, and some methods for undoing your work (keep in mind this aspect doesn't always work and can be extremely difficult). 

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