Many courses on how to work with Enochian magick.  Includes everything from:

  • How to call forth the Enochian entities.
  • The nature of the EE's
  • Practical magick utilizing the EE's.
  • How to create the various Enochian tools.
  • How to scry.
  • Creating Enochian talismans.
  • Healing using Enochian magick.
  • Recommended reading.
  • Spellwork using Enochian magic and the EE's.
  • Combining Enochian with other systems of magick.
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Learn everything from how to derive the names, to how to make the various tools, to how to perform Enochian evocation.  We will also cover practical magic with the Enochian system.


To enroll in this course:

This is a 32 week long course all together where we will be traveling the 30 Enochian aethyres.  An introductory week, as well as a bringing it all together week at the end is included. 

The catch?  You have to post your experiences to be able to access the information for the next week's class ;).  When you do submit your experiences you have 3 options, public, students of the course only, or private - just me.  Something such as "wow, was great, saw stuff" won't be a good enough, but you can leave out personal information if you like as we all receive things just for us during each journey. 

Alternately you can purchase the $200 version and not both with your homework lol.  

Register for this course for only $199.99 for the active participation version

Register for the non-participation version this course for $399.99

This is a 33 week long course where we will travel one of the Enochian Aehyres each week.  

First I will go into detail about how we will travel the aethyres as well as any prerequisite reading.  Then we will all go to a particular aethyre each week, and record our experiences afterwards.  

Register for this course for only $199.99

This course teaches how to derive the various Enochian names including those from:

  • The Great Table
  • The Table of Practice / Altar
  • Sigilum Dei Aemeth

Register for this course for only $199.99

This course explains how to make each of the Enochian tools including:

  • Great Table / Tablets
  • Table of practice
  • Enochian ring
  • Enochian banners
  • Wax Sigil Dei Aemeth and 4 small SDAs
  • Golden Talisman
  • Kings' and Princes' seals
  • Ensigns of Creation

Register for this course for only $199.99