I will be teaching Enochian magic, specifically the 19 day working and traveling the 30 Aethyres, here, for free (well OK $5).  The catch? You have to login regularly and keep up with your homework ;). 

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Here's where all the good stuff is ;).

Have you been wanting to complete the Enochian 19 day working, then the Enochian Aethyres, but have been putting it off?  Well here is your chance!  The course is nearly free, it is only $199.99  I charge a small fee, to help make sure people are a bit more serious, and accountable.  There is however a catch; you have to login regularly AND complete your HOMEWORK!!! or you will be botted :D  No worries though, any private information in your homework can be hidden from public view :).  

If you would like to register for this course, first sign up for an account on this site (upper right corner where it says login), then email me at: oipteaapdoce@gmail.com and let me know your account name. 

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