Group projects for working with the fixed stars, planetary magic, and so on. 

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This will be a group project researching as well as working with the various fixed stars; I will include online resources, as well as recommended books.  I will cover which materials to use for each star and how to work with them.  What I don't know enough about yet is the elections aspect, but we can work through those as a group.  

We can discuss how to make various rings and talismans utilizing the fixed stars.

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This course covers how to work ritually and magickally with the 7 ancient planets.  We will cover invoking the planetary energies using Septagram or Unicursal Hexagram rituals, how to call the planetary energies into talismans or gemstones, which planet to call upon for which purpose, and also the materials and symbols used for each particular planet.  We will also cover the use of the Kamea for the planets. 

Register for this course for only $199.99